Our new logo

We’re delighted to unveil our new logo, designed by our partners at Volume. We gave them quite a long and ambitious list of concepts to try to include in a single graphic. They have surpassed expectations by including them all in a remarkably simple image: 360 awareness of surroundings, navigation and decisions, journeys, connections and relationships, integration, diversity and sustainability. At the same time, they’ve also managed to make it contemporary and dynamic. Hats off and huge thanks to the Volume team.

A logo is both a huge thing and a small thing for a new start-up. Huge, because today we live in a visual world, and this has only been heightened by the pandemic, so a logo which matches your message and can become a way to talk about that message is crucial. Small, because the logo is ‘only’ a symbol of what you are. So for 360 it’s back to building what we will be: a partnership ensuring every child prepared for life through an immersive and engaging programme of learning: online, in-school and outdoors.

Coming soon… proof of concept…

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