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Newly founded Community Interest Company 360 Skills For Life is asking school leaders to join its Teacher Panel to guide the development of an innovative new programme of support for schools.

As some readers will be aware, the SafeWise charity was sadly liquidated last month due to lost income from school visits and hire since the pandemic hit in March 2020.

360 Skills For Life has been established by the former SafeWise CEO Rob Hattersley to take forward the SafeWise safety education concept, replacing expensive physical centres with a blended approach of online virtual reality, in-school and outdoor provision, which can be scaled up to a regional and eventually national level. 360 is already working closely with police, NHS and the private sector to begin development of Phase 1 around safeguarding, with travel skills and safety, and the climate emergency strands to follow.

Rob, a former primary school deputy head, says: ‘Our new blended approach means we can meet schools where they are, whether that’s in school or with home learning resources. That makes our delivery pandemic-resilient and reduces costs of travel for schools. We’re already making excellent progress and plan to have a new schools programme piloted across Dorset from September.’

‘We think skills for life such as resilience, collaboration, awareness of risk, confidence and decision-making are more important than ever, as we emerge from the Covid crisis. It’s vital that schools are supported to deliver these alongside and indeed as part of core subjects, putting the welfare of the child at the heart of learning.’

Rob added: ‘It is equally vital that this programme matches real school needs and it not simply imposed on schools by well-intentioned partner agencies. To that end, we need school leaders – who could be headteachers, deputies, key stage or PSHE leads, to join our Teacher Panel. The commitment is flexible – we’d appreciate attendance at short online focus groups from time to time, but equally it would be just as useful for members to complete the odd short online survey, or be available for a quick phone call.’ If you would like to join the 360 Teacher Panel, or want to find out more before committing, please contact us.

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