Educate, as well as engineer and enforce

A lot of chatter this morning about Low Traffic Neighbourhoods. This issue is incredibly divisive. What seems to be missing in all the #engineering and #enforcement debate is the critical role of #education. Education can lower the temperature and challenge both sides to understand and respond positively to the other point of view. Children tend to ‘get it’ faster than adults – and their understanding is infectious.

Now, I know which I would choose between clean air and safe streets for children vs. the right to drive and park anywhere I like. However, we do need to understand the reasons behind the anger of those who think differently, if we are to make progress together to address the emergency situations on child health and safety (air pollution, obesity, pedestrian casualties), and climate, which we now face.

If you are interested in being part of the development of a national learning resource to include this and other #SkillsForLife topics – online (virtual reality), in-school and outdoor education, please get in touch with us 360 Skills For Life CIC.

[Photo from SUSTRANS: The government has increased spending on making it easier for people to walk and cycle in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.]

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