360 proof of concept

We’re delighted to publish our virtual learning village proof of concept, with huge thanks to Volume. We hope it stimulates creative thinking about how, alongside integrated in-school and outdoor provision, it might be used to help prepare every child for life. We think #SkillsForLife such as decision-making and risk awareness are as crucial as English or Maths – do you agree?

We want to talk to organisations working in any of the potential topic areas including (but not limited to) the following. Please do get in touch for an initial chat.

  • climate and ecological emergencies
  • consequences of crime
  • decision-making and risk
  • digital wellbeing and security
  • drugs and alcohol
  • financial literacy/ personal finance
  • healthier lifestyles
  • health pathways and dealing with emergencies
  • home safety
  • independent travel skills (route planning, pedestrian, cycle, public transport)
  • mental wellbeing and personal resilience
  • peer pressure
  • rail safety
  • road safety (pedestrian, bike, in-car)
  • rural safety and behaviours
  • safeguarding, abuse and exploitation
  • violence reduction and conflict resolution
  • water safety

Big thanks also to IT Support 365 Ltd for their support in these early stages.

See a sneak preview of the virtual learning village concept

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