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Susan Wright

Police Constable and Schools Liaison Officer, Police Service Northern Ireland

Sue’s role is in delivering safety education messages to schools on behalf of Police Service Northern Ireland, breaking down barriers and increasing confidence in policing. Sue is a source of valuable advice about policing and prevention work, especially in relation to schools and young people engagement in Northern Ireland, where she leads liaison on the 360 project.

‘The benefits of bringing the 360 concept into Northern Ireland classrooms are wide ranging. 360 will allow individual agencies to combine their good work and to raise the bar in delivery of safety and wellbeing interventions, in an informed, fun and interactive way.

With our Belfast safety centre RADAR closing, 360 is an innovation that will be so much more accessible, especially for our more rural areas. The benefits for our young people in the coming years will, I think, be phenomenal. It will give local agencies an opportunity to work alongside and support our schools to thrive despite Covid, lockdown and disrupted and remote learning.’

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