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Rosie Luce

Assistant Director of Nursing and Safeguarding. Regional Safeguarding Lead (RSL) at NHS England and NHS Improvement (South West).

Rosie is the Regional Safeguarding Lead working across seven south west Clinical Commissioning Groups, developing Integrated Care Systems for NHS England and NHS Improvement South West Region.

In collaboration with Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group, she supported the initial development of the Key Stage 3 platform and evaluation of the programme, with the intention for the project to be available to schools across the South West.

‘The aim and objectives of the programme seem to link well with supporting safeguarding young people across the South West. By young people working through scenarios that could be affecting their lives, it helps to improve their understanding of potential risks, possible consequences and hopefully, improve their decision making and ultimately, to enable them to make choices to keep safe and well.

Moving to a virtual world also appears to support many other local areas in their Key Stage 3 developments and specifically, across the South West.’

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