Prepared for life, not just exams

Rob Hattersley

Founder & Managing Director

Rob is the Founder and Managing Director of 360 Skills For Life. Previously, he has managed three interactive ‘safety centres’ as the CEO of the SafeWise charity (Bournemouth & Weymouth), and Manager of Safeside at Eastside (Birmingham) as part of the West Midlands Fire Service Community Safety team. Rob has a background in primary school leadership, curriculum development and of engaging the public sector and business in schools to benefit young people.

Rob founded 360 Skills For Life during the pandemic. He believes that the combination of online, in-school and outdoor elements can provide a high impact national programme to reach many more schools and young people, covering a far wider range of skills for life topics than was previously possible.

‘We’re harnessing the power of the latest technology to provide realistic and immersive learning experiences in a virtual environment, but at the same time promoting real, in person collaboration and discussion. We’re adding to this a crucial third strand supporting and encouraging teachers to make more of learning beyond the classroom, building stronger community and environmental links. I share a frustration, with many of my teaching colleagues and parents,  that our education system is still not preparing young people adequately for real life. 360 is focussed on addressing this and maximising the huge potential of our young people. For me, despite huge challenges, it is they who provide hope of making the world a better place. They need our support to develop skills to prepare them for life, not just exams.’

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