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Nikki Honer

Head of Marketing at Go South Coast Ltd

As Head of Marketing at Go South Coast, Nikki’s aim is use her marketing and communication skills to make bus travel as simple and easy to understand as possible. She wants to encourage people to stop and think that bus is a possible choice for local journeys and enable them to reduce their carbon footprint.

Nikki provides advice to 360 as we seek to grow our school offer and scope, especially in developing active travel and climate change modules.

‘Go-Ahead fully supports this online learning initiative, which gives young people potentially life-saving education and wider skills for life. The programme provides real life scenarios which can be tested in a safe way, allowing participants to grow in confidence and learn new things. 

As a bus operator, we are delighted to support this project, especially as it expands to include independent and safer travel training. It is very important to us that young people understand all that buses have to offer local communities. They provide vital connections, helping people travel to work, go to school and to socialise. 

With their low or zero emission engines, buses also have the potential to improve air quality across our regions, so we welcome any opportunity to encourage more young people to travel sustainably with us over the coming years.’

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