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Marc Reddy

Managing Director, First Bus in Hampshire, Dorset & Berkshire. Also Deputy Station Officer for HM Coastguard

Marc leads First Bus across three counties providing local bus services across various communities, with 300 buses and 800 staff. He provides valued advice on 360 business strategy, especially around our plans for an independent travel strand involving journey planning and use of public transport.

‘I am very supportive of the 360 concept. Helping young people understand the 21st century world, being safe, and being aware is fundamental for them and the whole community. Leading a bus company entails high volumes of our customers being young people, and encouraging them to use sustainable transport, and be safe at the same time, is vitally important for our climate and air quality. I am also hugely supportive of education for young people regarding the various dangers and challenging situations they may come across. Highlighting these is fundamental for their safety, and this is where I am passionate about our young people being safe at the coast too.

The 360 platform enables teachers and leaders to engage young people and to highlight scenarios in a safe environment, which has a benefit for the young person and society in general.’

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