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Kristy Evers

Head of Impact Partnerships at ImpactEd

Kristy has a variety of experience in the education and impact evaluation sectors working across both private and non-profit organisations. She is currently Head of Impact Partnerships at ImpactEd, an award-winning social enterprise that supports schools and education organisations to evaluate their impact, learn from it and prioritise what is working best to improve outcomes for young people. She leads a fast-growing department that works on supporting education organisations, ranging from non-profits to edtech companies.

Kristy provides support to 360 in the areas of impact evaluation and data management, and strategies for scaling and school sales.

‘It is a pleasure supporting 360 as an organisation as they are clearly committed to building in evidence-based approaches and decision making. This commitment means that 360 will always be learning and developing their product as well as their ways of working which I believe is crucial for developing a platform that improves pupil outcomes.’

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