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Joanne Gibson

Chief Inspector, Crime Prevention & Early Intervention, Community Safety Department, Police Service Northern Ireland

Joanne leads a crime prevention and early intervention team at Police Service Northern Ireland (PSNI), working collaboratively with partners to explore new and innovative ideas. Her department is supporting the 360 pilot in Northern Ireland which will run in schools in Mid Ulster during 2022.

‘We are very keen to support the 360 Skills For Life Pilot on safeguarding.  We believe this model provides an important platform to ensure our young people are educated across a wide range of key areas, with the ultimate aim of keeping them safe.  The 360 approach provides an accessible platform, an important feature in the current environment, with consistent messaging to ensure young people of Northern Ireland have the opportunity to receive education around key safety concerns.

The approach is something we would recommend to schools as accessible, consistent and which will ensure pupils receive important messaging and input from a range of partners including the Police.’

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