Prepared for life, not just exams

Jo Wright

Non Exec Director (Education)

Jo started her career as a primary school teacher before delivering and managing out of school learning services in several settings including museums and archives and alongside council waste and recycling services. Her most recent post was as CEO of Hazard Alley Safety Centre in Milton Keynes, the first purpose built safety education centre for children in the UK, which opened in 1996.

‘I’ve worked in educational settings outside school and set up two new education services from scratch, and implemented a new strategy involving significant change at another. I’ve therefore gained a great deal of experience in managing change, implementing strategy and problem solving. I also have some insight into Rob’s role as MD and hope to be able to support him.

Given the pandemic, equipping children to be independent critical thinkers with the confidence to respond to situations in everyday life is even more vital than it was before. 360 offers a joined-up approach through the combination of online, in school, outdoors which enables children to safely apply what they are learning.’

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