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WWF has partnered with ITZA to help young people around the world learn about the climate crisis, making the challenge of teaching, explaining and learning about the climate easy and engaging for the children in your school. The ITZA free online learning platform can be used in school and at home, to better understand the vital importance of the science of sustainability and preserving biodiversity. The WWF Global Challenge is ideal for pupils aged 10-14 and runs from 10-21 October 2022. This fun challenge focuses on the 5 Big Cat species, why they are under threat and how WWF and others are working to save them. From the Lions and Cheetahs of Africa to the Tigers of India, your pupils will learn about the integral part they play in their ecosystem.  

The WWF Global Challenge was a great success last year with many thousands of pupils taking part across 52 countries with 5,233 teachers registered from 2,765 schools worldwide.

How does it work this year? Once you register your school, you will receive whiteboard teaching resources and a code to share with your pupils so they can sign-up to the platform when the global competition starts on 10th October. Once children register they start earning Wild Wisdom points for their school by accessing: footage and clips, plug and play activities and daily quizzes to complete at home or in school. Your pupils will get the chance to win exciting prizes by competing in this challenge with other schools worldwide! 

Schools can email Charlotte Bouchier at ITZA with any questions: cbouchier@itzamedia.com

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