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ChildNet have provided useful advice on how to respond to online crazes and hoaxes which teachers may come across in schools.

Online challenges and crazes have become a key trend to be aware of when supporting and educating young people about how to stay safe online. Challenges come in many forms and can involve upsetting, harmful or viral content.

Over the last few years we have seen a range of online challenges. Some, such as the ASL Ice Bucket Challenge and the No Makeup Selfie, can promote and raise money for great causes. However, other challenges such as ‘pain challenges’ can harm young people and adults who take part.

It is important that whether a challenge is rumoured or real, educators have the tools they need and are ready to deal with such challenges and are able to support young people.

Read 8 top tips from ChildNet about responding to viral challenges and crazes in schools.

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