With funding from national and regional partners, 360 Safeguarding is a curriculum-led programme using virtual reality alongside classroom resources. The programme equips young people with the skills to recognise and deal with potential safeguarding concerns.

Phase 1 is aimed at Y6/P7 undergoing the transition to secondary school and Key Stage 3. Using an interactive Skill City virtual environment designed for whiteboards, laptops and tablets, teachers lead students through potential safeguarding dilemmas in which they discuss, decide, do and deliberate on the consequences of actions.

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A unique learning experience

Experience Skill City, our unique VR environment, bringing to life real world safeguarding dilemmas in realistic but safe scenarios.

Learning objectives

Discover how 360 fits into EIF guidelines and supports your PSHE curriculum delivery.

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360 programme content

Learn about our teacher-led interactive learning using the unique VR environment and accompanying learning resources.

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Why use 360 Safeguarding?

Find out about the benefits of our unique safeguarding awareness and prevention programme.

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Thanks to our funding and help-in-kind partners for their support

360 Safeguarding aims to provide young people with the knowledge and skills to make safe and informed decisions by:

  • Building on statutory school curriculum areas
  • Supporting the overarching concepts of PSHE and encouraging young people to thrive in times of rapid change
  • Working in conjunction with the national curriculum and statutory guidance

Using classroom based teacher-led resources, 360 Safeguarding will help to prevent harm by:

  • Raising awareness, at an age-appropriate level, of appropriate/inappropriate situations
  • Building the confidence and reducing feelings of guilt felt by young people
  • Increasing self-awareness in challenging situations (e.g. peer-on-peer abuse, how to be safer)
  • Signposting to appropriate actions and where to get help

Learning Objectives

Programme Content

360 Safeguarding is an innovative programme that encourages creative and critical thinking, problem-solving, questioning, communication and collaboration. It promotes core behaviours such as resilience, respect, community, integrity and empathy.

Access to the programme includes:

  • The virtual reality Skill City, designed for whiteboards, laptops and tablets
  • Six interactive scenarios, based on PSHE learning outcomes – a park, alleyway, bedroom, kitchen-diner, outside the school and skate park
  • Discussion of safeguarding issues related to mental and physical well-being, personal safety, drugs, alcohol and tobacco, what to do in an emergency, safety and well-being online and with family and friends
  • Accompanying set of lesson plans and teaching resources
  • Briefing and support materials for teaching staff
  • Drop-in online support sessions and support by email/phone/video call

Frequently asked questions

You’ll probably have lots of questions and our handy frequently asked questions section should help. But we’re here to help, so do contact us if you want to find out more.

There are no definitive answers, as much depends on context. However, our teaching plans will provide you with everything you need to initiate and support open discussions, learning about risk, and making confident decisions.

If you need to discuss this just get in touch.

Yes. We currently have offers for smaller schools, schools subscribing in groups (e.g. as whole MATs), or schools signing up  or already signed up to MyConcern from The Safeguarding Company. Full details are on our registration page. Offers are subject to Terms & Conditions and can be withdrawn at any time – so get in quickly!

No. You can use it flexibly to meet the PSHE needs of your children.  

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