We’re building a team to take 360 Skills For Life forward during 2021.


Rob Hattersley

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer. Former CEO of SafeWise Dorset and Manager of Safeside (West Midlands Fire Service). Background in primary school leadership and curriculum development.

Hazel Serkis

Business and Administration Manager. Experienced financial and general administrator in NHS, schools and the social sector.

Sue Sharpe

Programmes Manager. Experienced classroom teacher, curriculum developer and trainer in school and the social sectors.


Tom Grainger

Chair of Board of Directors. Former local authority chief executive.

Jo Green

Non-Exec Director. Education Consultant, former Chief Executive of Hazard Alley Safety Centre, Milton Keynes. Background in environmental education and management.

Rob Hattersley

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer.

Brian Hutchinson

Non Exec Finance Director. Accountant and Business Advisor.

Edd Moore

Non-Exec Director. Primary school teacher. Award-winning EcoSchools leader, Dorchester.


James Bull

Group Chief Executive Officer at IT Support 365 Ltd.

Mike Glanville

Co-Founder & Chief Safeguarding Officer at The Safeguarding Company (My Concern). Co-author of ‘Lessons Learned – Transforming Safeguarding in Education’. Former Assistant Chief Constable.

Andrew Glatter

Strategic Marketing Consultant.

Richard Howes

Education Challenge Lead, Dorset Council

Martin Hyland

Managing Director, Immerse Medical.

Liz Plastow

Head of Safeguarding, Dorset NHS CCG.

Matt Prosser

Chief Executive, Dorset Council

Marc Reddy

Managing Director, First Bus. Volunteer with HMCG.

Martyn Underhill

Police & Crime Commissioner, Dorset Police 2012-2021. Former Police Officer.

Susan Wright

Police Constable with PSNI. Specific interest in child centred policing and schools liaison.


Organisations that support us will be invited to join this panel to ensure that provision matches need.

Rosie Luce

Assistant Director of Nursing and Safeguarding. Regional Safeguarding Lead (RSL) at NHS England and NHS Improvement (South West).

Joanne Gibson

Chief Inspector, Crime Prevention & Early Intervention, Community Safety Department, PSNI


We will be building a panel of school leaders to ensure that 360 programmes match the needs of schools and teachers. Teachers, please complete our short 4 minute survey of your views here.

Kate Curtis

Headteacher, Talbot Primary School, Bournemouth.

Gary Spracklen

Headteacher, Prince of Wales School, Dorchester


This panel will ensure that our programmes match the needs and most accessible delivery formats of our ultimate beneficiaries.