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The NSPCC have published safety advice in response to concerns about child safety in the Metaverse, after many children will have received virtual reality headsets for Christmas.

Counsellors at Childline have also heard from young people with experiences of virtual reality and who are increasingly aware of the isolating nature of the headsets and the ease at which predators can take advantage of the anonymity this unregulated online platform offers.

YouGov research commissioned by the charity shows that two thirds of the UK public lack confidence that child safety is a priority in the Metaverse, with 71% of adults expressing doubt in tech companies prioritising children in its development. Nevertheless, 20% of parents said they would buy their children a headset if they could despite such concerns.

The NSPCC advice explains how to keep children safe when using virtual reality including utilising the device’s safety features and supervising children’s use as they navigate both the virtual risks and physical space around them.

View the guide here.

The 360 Skill City virtual reality environment does not currently use headsets, not is it connected to any wider metaverse. It is a tool controlled by teachers to initiate conversations and learning activities which take place in educational settings.

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