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We’re delighted to be partnering with Bookshop.org to open our own 360 Bookshop. We’re creating booklists to support each of our NHS funded safeguarding modules at Key Stage 2 and 3, launching after February half term. When teachers buy a book through the 360 Bookshop, a local independent high street bookshop benefits, and 360 also takes 10%, which we will put into a fund to benefit our schools.

The outdoor and out-of-school strand is as important to us as our virtual reality Skill City. So we’re delighted to be helping schools to make stronger local links, as well as to use the power of literature to enhance our cross curricular skills for life platform.

We want to support schools in building strong links with local communities, bookshops and libraries, using virtual reality to encourage young people to use our real world high streets positively, and to feel safe and welcome there.

The 360 Bookshop is still being stocked, but will be live along with our school dashboard and Skill City after February half term and accessible to member schools from within their dashboard.

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