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We’re delighted to have launched our NHS England-funded Phase 1 (Safeguarding) of our schools platform just before Easter, using our virtual reality Skill City to stimulate learning and providing the missing classroom link to complement good safeguarding process.

Our top priority now is for schools to engage this summer term. We’re delighted to welcome over 170 primary and secondary schools in south west England and Northern Ireland who have already signed up to the funded pilot.

If you work for a public sector partner who can help us get the message out, please do let us know.

Our second priority is to secure funding to extend our safeguarding modules from Key Stage 2/3 all the way down to Key Stage 1.

Later, our focus will shift to the huge potential this platform has for other essential Skills For Life outcomes including Active Travel, the Climate Emergency, safety, Mental Health, Crime Reduction, Financial Literacy, careers and so much more…

If any of that interests you, we’d love to chat.

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