Prepared for life, not just exams

It’s 6 months since the SafeWise charity entered voluntary liquidation as a result of lost income from school visits during the pandemic, an inflexible and costly private sector lease, and lack of emergency funding for charities not providing services directly related to Covid19. We left behind not only our amazing Bournemouth safety village with its full size street crossings, house, Co-op store, beach and railway track, but also a legacy of 22 years of fabulous educational experiences for young people, a strong community of supportive volunteers, and a fabulous staff team, all of whom lost their jobs.

A sad casualty of the pandemic, but with much to be proud of. We had a positive impact on thousands of young lives. Covid sped up a rethinking process which was already underway, and now the vision of our founders is being renewed and repurposed by 360 Skills For Life CIC, in what we think is a better, post pandemic format of online virtual reality, in school provision, and support for practical outdoor learning.

Phase 1 funding is now secured from NHS England and the wonderful Talbot Trust, and we are starting to scope out the virtual learning village and programmes of study. We’ll be testing in schools in 2022 and launching during the Spring.

Every crisis can be also an opportunity. Our young people need support now more than ever, to release their huge potential and prepare them for the challenges of 21st century life, not just exams.

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