Prepared for life, not just exams

360 Skills For Life is now working with fellow social enterprise ImpactEd to develop an evaluation strategy and theory of change for the 360 school platform.

NHS England requested and are funding the full academic evaluation, which will measure progress towards objectives in safeguarding.

In addition to evaluating the impact of Phase 1, the process will leave 360 with an ongoing theory of change which can be used for subsequent development phases and ongoing improvement. In depth evaluation activities are planned for 60 of the 270 schools in the pilot from January 2022.

360 Managing Director Rob Hattersley commented: ‘We’re delighted to have engaged ImpactEd, who demonstrated the clearest understanding of what we and our NHS funding partners needed. Their approach is very systematic. We’re looking forward both to the results of Phase 1, and to further developing our theory of change in future.’

‘This should result in some useful data for us to review to ensure the 360 programme is as effective as possible in preparing children for life. It will also be something our current and future partners find useful in making decisions about effective interventions.’

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