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Research from Sustrans and A Place In Childhood places the spotlight on the importance of designing the built environment for and with young people.

The publication details the needs of young people when walking, wheeling or cycling and showcases effective approaches to incorporating their perspectives in projects. In doing so it addresses a portion of society which has historically been neglected in urban planning and transport provision.

In this report, children and young people’s ‘independent mobility’ refers to the freedom that people aged 11 – 16 have to roam public space and reach key destinations without the accompaniment of an adult.

We know this has been declining across the UK for at least the last 50 years, and the consequences for young people’s quality of life are well documented.

However, we still have some way to go towards building a picture of what youth-friendly infrastructure looks like, and understanding the key ingredients for bringing this about.

Read the full news article from Sustrans here.

360 is keen to speak to any organisation interested in embedding engagement with young people in transport planning into the curriculum, alongside developing skills in independent travel. The dilemma, discussion and decision learning model in virtual reality Skill City would be a highly effective way to achieve this.

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