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360 Skills For Life CIC is now seeking local authority support for school rollout of Skill City VR, which helps schools and councils meet the latest Keeping Children Safe In Education requirements for curriculum delivery at low cost.

Skill City is an NHS-funded virtual reality environment to teach safeguarding awareness in the classroom. It is browser-based, so requires no expensive headsets. It challenges young people to think about what they would do in several safeguarding situations, starting in realistic virtual reality scenarios including a skate park, child’s bedroom, kitchen, dark allewyay and outside the school gate.

With extensive teacher notes, a guided discussion encourages risk awareness and safer decision making in a number of areas including drugs and alcohol, knife crime, internet safety, personal safety, criminal exploitation and more.

A pilot has been supported by councils, NHS, police and charitable trusts in south west England and Northern Ireland, and 360 is now planning extension across the UK. In addition to extending the safeguarding module to all school age groups, funding has been secured for a bus promotion and safer travel strand. Discussions are also underway about road and fire safety for different age groups.

Founder and Managing Director Rob Hattersley said: “Our aim is to make it easier for local authorities to scale up to meet needs at low cost and without additional demands on stretched teams. Safeguarding in schools is a huge issue, and feedback so far from schools has been excellent, so we know we are on the right lines.”

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