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Every child prepared for life

  • Can you see the benefit for your organisation of better preparing children and young people for life in the real world, especially now? ​
  • More aware of risk, resilient, and confident in making good decisions for safer, healthier, more active and more sustainable lives? ​
  • How might this benefit your organisation?

Would your organisation like to:-

  • Engage positively, interactively and at scale with target audiences 
  • Communicate key messages and learning, promoting positive behavioural change 
  • Support a skills-based approach where learning is transferable between contexts, maximising impact 
  • Replace labour intensive and limited interventions with a scalable delivery model 
  • Replace isolated, un-coordinated and piecemeal interventions from different bodies within a common framework, raising delivery standards and consistency 
  • Join a cost-sharing partnership model creating economies of scale
  • Utilise educational experts to lead your engagement, ensuring provision matches school need and is of a high educational standard 
  • Engage and involve your teams where they are best utilised, in context and integral to a planned programme, and with full support, ensuring best use of your limited resource 
  • Be part of a positive response to Covid-19, the climate and ecological emergencies, mental wellbeing and other 21st century challenges 
  • Positive, appropriate, value for money PR exposure for the right things
  • Gaining the attention of decision-makers  
  • Meet ambition for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or social impact 
  • Join a growing, flexible and constantly improving partnership 

The 360 solution


A 360 virtual reality learning village where learners are presented with dilemmas in which they discuss, decide and do, and then deliberate on consequences.


Support for teachers to embed skills for life learning across the curriculum and in every year group, including managed visits to school by relevant professionals.


Support for use of the environment local to the school for extended and practical ‘Learning Outside the Classroom’ in the real world.

Topic coverage

climate and ecological emergenciesconsequences of crimeconstruction and roadwork safetydecision-making and riskdigital wellbeing and security
drugs, tobacco and alcoholelectrical safetyfire safetygas safetyhealthy lifestyle choices
health pathways and dealing with emergencieshome safetyindependent travel skillsmental wellbeing and personal resiliencepeer pressure
personal financerail safetyroad safety (pedestrian, bike, in-car)rural safety and citizenshipsafeguarding, abuse and exploitation
violence reduction and conflict resolutionwater safety

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