Let's ensure every young person is prepared for life, not just exams

There is growing recognition that young people should be prepared for life, not just exams. Funded by major partners, and in consultation with teachers and topic experts, our unique VR Skill City with support for in school and outdoor learning tackles this challenge head on. Find out how your organisation can be part of this and benefit too.

A unique learning programme

Experience Skill City, our interactive VR environment, and help your young people to navigate a range of real-life dilemmas. Through discussion, decision-making and reflection, help them to develop better risk awareness, preparing them for life, not just exams.

About 360 Skills for Life

How we work and our programmes.

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Benefits of partnering

Discover the difference that partnering with us can make.

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We believe our programmes are unique, delivering interactive and innovative teacher-led learning. Online, In school and Outdoors. Our Skill City virtual world is the start of this journey for students – where they learn in an immersive, interactive, safe and fun true-to-life world.

  • Online. A 360 virtual reality Skill City where learners are presented with dilemmas where they discuss, decide, do and then deliberate on consequences. Our technology recognises the limitations of many schools’ IT systems and is designed for whiteboards and laptops.
  • In-school. Support for teachers to embed skills for life learning across the curriculum and in every year group.
  • Outdoors. Support to use the local area near schools for extended and practical ‘Learning Outside the Classroom’.

About 360

Our Plan

Our Plan

We’ve only just begun! Find out more about our future plans.


Our Team

Our Team

Our team has a wide range of experience in education, business and the public sector.

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What topics could 360 deliver, with your support?

Careers & Enterprise Education
Climate & Ecological Emergencies
Consequences of crime
Construction site & roadworks safety
Decision-making & risk
Digital wellbeing, safety & security
Drugs, alcohol & tobacco
Financial capability (personal finance and budgeting)
Fire safety
Health pathways & dealing with emergencies
Healthier lifestyle choices
Home & garden safety
In-car safety
Independent travel skills (route planning, pedestrian, cycle, public transport)
Mental wellbeing & personal resilience
Peer pressure
Rail safety
Relationships and sex education (RSE)
Road safety
Rural safety & behaviours
Safeguarding, abuse & exploitation
Utilities safety & resilience (electrical, gas, water)
Violence reduction
Water safety

The benefits of being a 360 partner

As a not-for-profit Community Interest Company, we rely on securing significant support from partners including financial, in-kind expertise or providing us with resources. Join a growing, flexible and constantly improving partnership and:

Adopt a consistent common framework

Schools tell us that agencies have widely varying approaches, isolated and sometimes even conflicting interventions. Put a stop to all that with an agreed common approach and consistent messaging, whatever the topic.

Adopt best educational practice

No more scare tactics or lecturing. Instead, invest in an educationally-led, high quality, interactive programme based on core skills for life including risk awareness and decision-making.

Engage, motivate and develop your teams

360 is a growing and developing programme. There is plenty of scope for your employees to feel part of it, gain valuable experience and utilise their specialist expertise.

Join a cost-sharing partnership model

Why spend so much more just to do your own thing, often duplicating other provision and confusing schools? Create economies of scale by sharing core costs and contributing to a common schools platform for all skills for life topics.

Let educational experts lead your engagement

Ensure provision matches school need and is of a high educational standard. Poor quality resources are less likely to be used and won’t result in effective learning. 360 can support and add to your in house provision, or, depending on requirements, deliver it for you.

Maximise impact through transferable skills

You will have sector-specific information you want to communicate. But skills such as risk awareness and decision-making are common to many agencies and topic areas. Amplify your messaging by including it on our multi-agency platform.

Partner with an experienced team

We know schools and how to support teachers. We know how to integrate your messages and objectives into the school curriculum.

Positive, value for money PR exposure

We don’t do greenwash. But there are potentially significant PR and influencing benefits from doing the right thing in the first place. Gain the attention of decision-makers and meet your ambition for CSR and social impact by joining the 360 partnership.

Promote positive behavioural change

Would behavioural change in key audiences, service users or customers benefit your organisation? Work with us to embed your messaging into our holistic schools programme.

Remove resource limitations with a scaleable delivery model

Are your programmes labour intensive, limited by the time it takes your team to deliver them? Scale up the numbers with the 360 platform, engaging teachers with your messaging. Involve your teams where they are best utilised, in context, and integral to a planned programme.

Respond positively to 21st century challenges

Ensure your organisation is part of the solution to the challenges we now face. Address problems including safeguarding, safety, Covid-19, the climate and ecological emergencies, mental wellbeing and much more, using your area of work to bring learning to life.

Scale up to reach more audiences

By partnering with 360 alongside other organisations, you can reach many more schools, young people and other audiences than on your own.

We are looking for both public and private sector partners who share our passion and values to help young people develop their life skills. In particular, we’re looking for organisations that can:

  • Make a grant or other direct funding to develop our programmes, new VR scenarios and in-school resources (£30,000 upwards depending on scope).
  • Collaborate on joint funding bids for future programmes.
  • Provide subject expertise, content and advice. Potentially provide resource to deliver in-school visits.
  • Help with networking, contacts and new ideas.
  • Work with us to develop new programmes, enhance existing ones and provide resources.
  • Enable us to manage our business more effectively, perhaps through marketing and PR, delivery systems and back-office support.
  • Sponsor local school(s) memberships to increase the reach of our programmes.

How you can help

Working in partnership with:

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Frequently asked questions

You’ll probably have lots of questions and our handy frequently asked questions section should help. But we’re here to help, so do contact us if you want to find out more.

Phase 1 on safeguarding, available from Spring 2022, is appropriate for 10-14 year olds. That’s Year 6 in England and Wales or Primary 7 in Northern Ireland and Scotland, to Year 9 in England and Wales, Year 10 in Northern Ireland and Secondary 3 in Scotland. (We don’t decide on the confusing differences in labelling!). We hope to extend provision to the whole primary age group very soon.

Schools tell us that they are bombarded by messages from different organisations. They don’t usually have the time to research this provision, and so they often deliver less than they would like to in this area.

We partner with local, regional and national partners such as the emergency services, councils and NHS, to join up initiatives and make them easier for schools to access, with minimum extra work.

We then help by working closely with topic specialist organisations to integrate their messaging into our programme and help meet their objectives, adding value to their existing specialist interventions. Our platform then signposts teachers to specialist content, activities and visits through our curated resources database.

We believe partnership is more powerful than competition.

Our pilot was launched for 247 schools across south west England and Northern Ireland in Spring 2022. This provides access to virtual reality scenarios plus lesson plans and resources to help teachers raise safeguarding awareness in the classroom. Our partners ImpactEd are delivering a full academic evaluation with an interim report in Autumn 2022, and a full report in early 2023.

Subject to further funding, Phase 2 will extend safeguarding resources down to primary and early years. Subsequent phases will cover personal and community safety, active, independent and safer travel (including road safety), the climate emergency, mental wellbeing and much more. You can find out more about Our Plan here.

Alongside this, we are working with partners to roll out membership to schools across the UK. We are building partnerships to provide funding for membership where we can, but MultiAcademy Trusts (MATs, England) or other school networks can fund this themselves too. Member schools will be able to access all content regardless of how it is initially funded. Find out more and sign up your school here.

Phase 1 covers Safeguarding. For future phases, we will consider inclusion of any topic which we think ensures young people are prepared for life, not just exams. For the full list, take a look at Our Plan. If you think we have missed something, let us know.

Supporting the 360 roll out can be a cost-effective way for organisations to scale up their engagement and cut through with target audiences, interactively and at scale, to positively influence behaviours. For a full list of benefits, take a look at our Partners page.

NHS England and Talbot Village Trust have provided capital investment into the base virtual reality build and safeguarding scenarios for Phase 1, and Valentine Trust have supported core costs.

NHS Dorset, Devon County Council, and Police Service Northern Ireland have invested in a number of additional school memberships for the pilot phase.

Volume.ai and IT Support 365 continue to provide some support on a pro-bono basis in addition to paid work on virtual reality and IT systems. We are working closely with ImpactEd on our full academic evaluation and theory of change.

We are grateful for the support of a number of other partners for advice, and support with school promotion. For full details on partnership and its benefits, click here.

A number of exciting new partnerships are in the pipeline for 2022. Join us!

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