Let's ensure every young person is prepared for life, not just exams

There is growing recognition that young people should be prepared for life, not just exams. Funded by major partners, and in consultation with teachers and topic experts, our unique VR Skill City with support for in school and outdoor learning tackles this challenge head on. Find out how your organisation can be part of this and benefit too.

A unique learning experience

Experience Skill City, our unique VR environment, bringing to life real world safeguarding dilemmas in realistic but safe scenarios.

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We believe our programmes are unique, delivering interactive and innovative teacher-led learning. Online, In school and Outdoors. Our Skill City virtual world is the start of this journey for students – where they learn in an immersive, interactive, safe and fun true-to-life world.

  • Online. A 360 virtual reality Skill City where learners are presented with dilemmas where they discuss, decide, do and then deliberate on consequences. Our technology recognises the limitations of many schools’ IT systems and is designed for whiteboards and laptops.
  • In-school. Support for teachers to embed skills for life learning across the curriculum and in every year group.
  • Outdoors. Support to use the local area near schools for extended and practical ‘Learning Outside the Classroom’.

About 360

Our Plan

Our Plan

We’ve only just begun! Find out more about our future plans.


Our Team

Our Team

Our team has a wide range of experience in education, business and the public sector.

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What topics could 360 deliver, with your support?

Careers & Enterprise Education
Climate & Ecological Emergencies
Consequences of crime
Construction site & roadworks safety
Decision-making & risk
Digital wellbeing, safety & security
Drugs, alcohol & tobacco
Financial capability (personal finance and budgeting)
Fire safety
Health pathways & dealing with emergencies
Healthier lifestyle choices
Home & garden safety
In-car safety
Independent travel skills (route planning, pedestrian, cycle, public transport)
Mental wellbeing & personal resilience
Peer pressure
Rail safety
Relationships and sex education (RSE)
Road safety
Rural safety & behaviours
Safeguarding, abuse & exploitation
Utilities safety & resilience (electrical, gas, water)
Violence reduction
Water safety

We are looking for both public and private sector partners who share our passion and values to help young people develop their life skills. In particular, we’re looking for organisations that can:

  • Make a grant or other direct funding to develop our programmes, new VR scenarios and in-school resources (£30,000 upwards depending on scope).
  • Collaborate on joint funding bids for future programmes.
  • Provide subject expertise, content and advice. Potentially provide resource to deliver in-school visits.
  • Help with networking, contacts and new ideas.
  • Work with us to develop new programmes, enhance existing ones and provide resources.
  • Enable us to manage our business more effectively, perhaps through marketing and PR, delivery systems and back-office support.
  • Sponsor local school(s) memberships to increase the reach of our programmes.

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