The 360 mission is to provide scenario-based educational experiences that equip learners with the skills, knowledge and confidence to live active, fulfilling and safer lives in stronger and more sustainable communities.

In short, every child prepared for life.

Through immersive and interactive learning online, in-school and outdoors, we will build essential skills for life including:-

  • Assessing and managing risk across different life situations
  • Personal confidence and the ability to think for oneself
  • Teamwork, collaboration and conflict management skills
  • Safer, healthier, happier and more sustainable lifestyles

We will work in close collaboration with partners from the public, private and third sectors. We believe that partnership is more powerful than competition.

360 values

  • We listen – we don’t know everything and dialogue is crucial
  • We learn – challenges and criticism are opportunities for growth
  • We reflect and continually improve
  • We connect and collaborate – partnerships achieve more for less
  • We put the learner first – not an external agenda
  • We empower and challenge – we don’t instruct
  • We engage and involve learners in our development
  • We adapt and are flexible when encountering new situations and knowledge
  • We include all learners regardless of age, disability, gender, relationship or parental status, race, belief, sex or sexual orientation
  • We seek the best in everyone to realise individual and collective potential

360 approach

  • 360 rounded, holistic education delivering transferable skills for 21st century life using a cross-curricular approach
  • 360 immersive, practical and interactive learning in which users discuss, make decisions and then do, rather than simply learning facts
  • 360 awareness of surroundings to make good risk assessments, confidently make better decisions, and deal with challenges, both individually and collectively
  • 360 blended learning where ONLINE, IN-SCHOOL and OUTDOOR strands are closely integrated
  • 360 virtual reality learning village and interactive scenarios are the core resource
  • 360 partnership with relevant public, commercial and third sector organisations to integrate messaging in a single framework to maximise impact