Who is involved?

We have three founding directors. CEO Rob Hattersley is joined by former CEO of Hazard Alley Safety Centre Milton Keynes (the first permanent safety centre in the UK) Jo Green, and eco education award winning teacher Edd Moore from Dorchester. We are likely to appoint one or two further directors soon.

We plan for Rob to be joined by new additions to the team during the next few months to support on curriculum and partnership development especially.

To ensure 360 meets real needs and is well managed, we are establishing three panels in addition to the Board of Directors. An Advisory Panel will provide expertise in key strategic areas, a Stakeholder Panel will voice the needs of key partners such as police, NHS, local authorities, energy networks and commercial supporters, and a Teachers Panel which will ensure what we provide is what schools need. Finally, and most importantly, a Young Peoples Panel will ensure that develop matches their needs and is in a format they will engage with.

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