What topics will 360 cover?

We will consider inclusion of any topic which we think prepares young people better for real life. So far we plan to develop scenarios and resources around the following topic areas, but this is dependent on partner support. Do let us know if you think we have missed something.

  • climate and ecological emergencies
  • consequences of crime
  • construction site and roadworks safety
  • decision-making and risk
  • digital wellbeing and security
  • drugs and alcohol
  • electrical safety
  • fire safety
  • gas safety
  • healthier lifestyle choices
  • health pathways and dealing with emergencies
  • home safety
  • independent travel skills (route planning, pedestrian, cycle, public transport)
  • mental wellbeing and personal resilience
  • peer pressure
  • personal finance
  • rail safety
  • road safety (pedestrian, bike, in-car)
  • rural safety and behaviours
  • safeguarding, abuse and exploitation
  • violence reduction and conflict resolution
  • water safety

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