What makes 360 different?

Take any topic planned for our virtual reality learning village and integrated in-schools programme, and you will find a number of other organisations providing support to schools and professionals to deliver in that area. What will make 360 different is a fully integrated programme including:-

  1. An interactive discuss, decide and do approach focuses on risk awarenessconfidence-building and good decision-making ​
  2. Powerful repetition of skills across different scenarios and themes within a unified platform
  3. Blended learning integrates online virtual reality, in-school classroom activity and outdoor learning​
  4. Partnership model leverages expertise and engagement from police, local authorities, NHS and others, maximising impact in a unified framework​

360 will seek to work closely with organisations specialising in each topic area, to integrate key messaging, work together on development, develop joint funding proposals and to see 360 as a way of furthering shared objectives. We believe cooperation is more powerful than competition.

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