How do you relate to other provision?

We believe that co-operation is more powerful than competition.

We will work closely with topic specialist organisations to integrate their messaging to our programme and help meet their objectives, adding value to their existing specialist interventions.

We will seek partnerships with local and regional public bodies such as emergency services, councils and NHS, to join up initiatives to make them easier for schools to access with minimum extra work.

We also seek to work with and promote the remaining physical safety centres where they continue to operate, as visits to these facilities can enhance learning from our virtual programme.

360 is a 2021 response to the world our young people now face. It’s unfortunately one of ongoing pandemics, ecological crisis and constant change and disruption – including in schools. This is why we have switched from delivery in permanent centres requiring a one-off school visit, to online, in-school and outdoor provision, meeting schools where they are and impacting young people across their school careers.

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