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The park outside 360 Global HQ is strangely quiet this morning, as due to the teachers’ strike our local first school is closed.

Strikes can be a real pain for parents, commuters, or those unfortunate enough to require an ambulance, a fire engine or have a hospital appointment cancelled after a long wait.

But pain should be listened to, not ignored or ridiculed. We need to ask what are the underlying causes and seek solutions through dialogue.

Skill City does just that in addressing the pain and worry felt by 21st century children, through teacher-led discussion on safeguarding dilemmas presented in realistic environments such as a kitchen-diner, child’s bedroom, a park, an alleyway or outside the school gate.

What would you do if you found an injured parent and couldn’t work out what had happened? If you were offered a tenner to take a bag to someone you didn’t know at the station? Would you do anything if your friend was carrying a knife ‘for protection’? Or if so-called friends were laughing and making unkind comments about a photo of you on ‘social’ media?

Skill City enables teachers to lead conversations on some painful topics like these in a realistic, interactive and safe environment. To find out more, see our info for teachers, or contact us.

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