Prepared for life, not just exams

Pupils could miss out on school trips and music lessons as schools face rising costs this year, head teachers have told BBC News.

Some school leaders in England say these are among the areas they would trim first, before reducing staff.

They are grappling with staffing costs and are being hit particularly hard by rising energy bills.

Rob Hattersley, 360 Founder, said “Learning outside the classroom is an essential part of a being ‘prepared for life, not just exams’. I’m hoping government support for schools will be adequate to meet the challenges they face this winter. Failing that, our digital programme – which itself replaced more costly visits to interactive safety education centres – is a cheaper way for schools to ensure they still tackle some key skills for life in an immersive and realistic way, such as safeguarding, mental wellbeing, or  drugs and alcohol.’

360 Safeguarding is already live and available to schools across the UK for 10-14 year olds, with provision for all primary coming soon. The scheme uses realistic dilemmas and guided discussion to encourage critical thinking, reflection and decision making which young people can then apply outside school in different contexts. There is a contribution of between £180 and £500 per school to cover costs for non profit 360, but places funded by councils, police and NHS are also available in some areas.

Additional topic modules on issues such as travel skills, road and fire safety are also in the works and these will support teachers to build in use of the environment local to the school, which also has the advantage of usually being free to organise. Schools can find out more and get in touch here.

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