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25 NHS funded places for primary or secondary schools in the BCP Council area are still available on the 360 Safeguarding programme pilot which starts shortly, although half the funded places have already been taken. The 360 programme supports schools in teaching about safeguarding issues in the classroom at an age-appropriate level, and as part of the curriculum, to complement statutory and caring processes. Several Dorset-based safeguarding experts have reviewed and contributed to the content.

Phase 1 is for Year 6 KS2, and Year 7-9 KS3, although we hope to fund an extension to younger children later this year. It is a package of online virtual reality ‘Skill City’, designed for whiteboards, laptops, and tablets, with no headsets required. This consists of safeguarding dilemmas for pairs, groups, or the whole class in a realistic environment such as a street, park, bedroom or kitchen. This is following by classroom discussion and activity, for which lesson plans and resources are provided. A resource bank signposting to materials and support from other partners will also be available, along with online and telephone support and briefing sessions.

To find out more and register a BCP area school for a funded place, email hello@360skillsforlife.org or phone 01202 130395 as soon as you can.

In a nod to the 360 SafeWise/StreetWise heritage in Bournemouth and a generous contribution from the Talbot Village Trust, our virtual pub is the Talbot Arms, we have a Turbary Park, and an Elliot Road School, the name of the street of the former safety centre.

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