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This morning, teachers across the nation will be wondering how to talk with children about the death of the Queen, a constant in the lives of all but the oldest of us. They will have lots of questions, and the death of a prominent figure can significantly affect children, as well as adults. This could be their first experience of death and they don’t really understand it or maybe they have been bereaved and this brings up those difficult feelings again. Everyone will be talking about it and there will be lots of coverage, so it can really help to talk to children about this.

Children’s grief charity Winston’s Wish have some useful advice about talking to children along with further resources which will help and support teachers over the coming days.

Adults are no different to children. The death of someone so central to the life of the nation, associated with our own life histories and experiences, may affect us in surprising ways, whatever our own views on monarchy as an institution. We’d recommend The Good Grief Trust as a source of advice and support. Let’s take care of ourselves and each other as well as our children, as we send our condolences and sympathy to the Royal Family and King Charles III.

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