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‘A child asked if we could do 360 again as soon as he came in the next morning, highlighting just how much the programme motivates Year 6 boys in particular.’ –  Year 6 Teacher

360 Skills for Life’s online virtual reality programme tackling key safeguarding concerns for Years 6-9 is up and running and making a real difference in primary and secondary schools. NHS-funded places are still available for a limited number of schools in the south west on a first come first served basis and other schools can join the scheme for between £180-£500 depending on school type and size. Discount are available for schools joining in groups, and for users of MyConcern safeguarding software. Membership is extended to August 2023 to allow schools to experiment with the platform this term before embedding it into longer term curriculum plans. 

Described by Sophia, as “really cool” and “super realistic”, the VR programme focuses on risk awareness and decision making, facilitating classroom discussions and learning.  To quote Noah, “it is fun but educational at the same time”. 

Created in consultation with the NHS, police, teachers, and The Safeguarding Company (providers of MyConcern), it is linked to PSHE learning outcomes but as Ryan said “instead of just watching, you could control what was happening”.  Headsets are not required as it has designed for school IWBs, laptops and tablets, and runs in the browser. To reassure any technophobes, Ben stated that they “didn’t have a clue how to play at first but then we showed our teacher what to do!” 

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