Prepared for life, not just exams

You will find a number of other organisations providing support in each area covered by the 360 programme. What’s unique is how 360 includes all these topics in an integrated virtual environment and teaching programme, with signposting to specialist partner programmes for extension and follow-up. We’re not competing – we’re putting learning in context to maximise impact.

We’re different because we: –

  1. Adopt an interactive approach to learning that focuses on risk awarenessconfidence-building and good decision-making. We call this Discuss, Decide and Do
  2. Ensure powerful repetition of skills across different scenarios and themes within a unified platform
  3. Use blended learning to integrate online virtual reality, in-school classroom activity and outdoor learning​
  4. Leverage expertise and engagement from police, local authorities, NHS and other partners, maximising impact in a unified framework​

360 is building partnerships with organisations specialising in each topic area, to integrate key messaging, work together on development, develop joint funding proposals and to see 360 as a way of furthering shared objectives. We believe cooperation is more powerful than competition.

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