There are no definitive answers, as much depends on context. Our aim is to teach young people to think, rather than simply remember random facts. However, our teaching plans will provide you with everything you need to initiate and support open discussions, learning about risk, and making confident decisions.

If you need to discuss this just get in touch.

Yes. We currently have offers for smaller schools, schools subscribing in groups (e.g. as whole MATs), or schools signing up  or already signed up to MyConcern from The Safeguarding Company. You can generate a quote from the teacher page. Offers are subject to Terms & Conditions and can be withdrawn at any time – so get in quickly!

No. You can use it flexibly to meet the PSHE needs of your children. You the teacher are in charge, and can use your professional judgement.

No. Skill City is deliberately web based to allow the widest possible access to schools. All you need is an up to date web browser and an a decent internet connection. It works in all modern browsers, although we find it works best in Chrome and Firefox.

No. The 360 programme is designed to work best on school laptops, whiteboards and tablets. This is deliberate. We want as many young people as possible to access this on existing school hardware without putting up the barrier of expensive equipment. We also want to encourage collaboration, discussion and practical learning rather than an individualistic virtual reality experience. We have ‘in school’ and ‘outdoors’ in our strapline for a reason! We need to control the tech, rather than it controlling us.

The SafeWise charity in Dorset ran two ‘safety centres’. These were part of a national network of full size street layouts like film sets, with road crossings, trains and track, buses, cars, a house, shop, beach and much more. They were used to teach children skills for life such as safety, citizenship and what to do in an emergency. Most remaining centres are managed by local fire services or councils, and some are charities as was SafeWise.

Originally called StreetWise, SafeWise was the second centre to be opened in the UK, in 1998. It was supported by Dorset fire, police, NHS, local authorities, grant funders and commercial partners for 22 years.

Schools and other visitors were unable to use the centre during Covid-19, which resulted in a huge loss of income. With an inflexible and expensive commercial lease, and little funding available for charities not dealing directly with Covid-19, trustees had no option but to put the organisation into voluntary liquidation in early January 2021, with all staff made redundant.

360 Skills For Life Community Interest Company (CIC) was founded in December 2020 by the SafeWise Chief Executive Rob Hattersley, to build on the SafeWise legacy and learned experience, and take it forward in a format better suited to a changed educational and economic environments post Covid. Our digital approach is proving to have many advantages on the old one including reduced costs and wider impact in terms of age groups, topics, and geographical spread.

Log in details are sent when you register.

  1. If it’s the first time we have contacted you, our emails may go into spam. Check this first. Adding us ( to your address book or safe senders list will solve this issue (or right clicking on the email and selecting ‘not spam’.)
  2. Initial logins often go to your main school office email, if this is what was provided. Check there next – including checking the office spam folder. Again, ask your office team to mark our address as ‘not spam’.
  3. If the email is definitely not in either of those places, go to our password reset page. This will generate a new email.
  4. If you don’t get that email, then do let us know and we will respond as soon as we can.

If the ‘School Lead’ is your main office email, don’t forget that you can add as many colleagues at your school as you like and they will each get their own log in. However, only the school lead can add new accounts.

Once you are logged in to your dashboard as a teacher, you will be able to add a classroom from the bottom of the left hand menu. You can name this classroom whatever you like and give it a password. Any of your pupils/students can then access Skill City with the URL, name and password you have given it.

They will have their own ‘dashboard’ through which they can access Skill City, but not your teaching plans, resources, FAQs etc.

An email address is not required for classroom dashboards. Access is the same for all of your class and not individual students.

We plan to add resources and websites specifically for your students, which we will add to the student dashboard.

The Safeguarding Company have provided valuable advice and feedback on the content of our first module on Safeguarding for 10-14 year olds. We are partnering with them to provide a special discount to schools which use both systems, because we believe it offers a complete safeguarding solution of both statutory process and classroom support.

Mike Glanville, TSC’s Head of Safeguarding, sits on the 360 Advisory Panel, and we are in discussions about how the 360 platform might be used in new and innovative ways to improve safeguarding processes and education.

Schools tell us that they are bombarded by messages from different organisations. They don’t usually have the time to research this provision, and so they often deliver less than they would like to in this area.

We partner with local, regional and national partners such as the emergency services, councils and NHS, to join up initiatives and make them easier for schools to access, with minimum extra work.

We then help by working closely with topic specialist organisations to integrate their messaging into our programme and help meet their objectives, adding value to their existing specialist interventions. Our platform then signposts teachers to specialist content, activities and visits through our curated resources database.

We believe partnership is more powerful than competition.

Membership, whether funded by a partner agency or schools themselves, usually lasts 12 months from the date of onboarding. In the second year, additional funded places may be available, but if not, schools can themselves subscribe for unlimited access, with discounts for smaller schools or those in MATs or other partnerships. For a quote, visit the Teacher page and click on Quote in the menu. The intention is that additional skills for life modules such as safety, mental wellbeing, active travel, personal finance and the climate emergency will be added to school memberships at no additional cost in year.

Your username is the email address you registered with. This should be your school email. If you have tried that, and a password reset, but not had an email, check your spam, and any other addresses you may have used. If you still can’t find where it is going, you can of course contact us.

Head to the login page and click ‘forgotten password’. If that doesn’t work, contact us.

No, any quality resource costs something to someone,  even if the school itself doesn’t pay. But we do have partnerships in place for a limited number of fully funded places in South West England and Northern Ireland, and are working to increase availability around the UK. Use our contact form for details.

In fact, 360 is more affordable than you may think. We have priced it to be less than a single school trip, but you can visit Skill City throughout the year and use it in more than one curriculum area. For details click on ‘Get A Quote’ in the menu bar on the Teacher page.

No. For pilot schools, all we ask is that you complete the six scenarios and the supplementary activities and be willing to offer feedback by the end of Summer 2. Other than a renewal of the annual membership there are no time restraints.

 360 is designed for all young people to help increase awareness and knowledge of how to spot warning signs and support their peers. All young people can be vulnerable.

We plan to adapt our platform for parents and carers who are permanently home-schooling children, and are actively seeking funding to do so. Some of the activities can already be adapted by teachers for temporary periods of home-schooling.

We are planning a Welsh language version, and are open to opportunities to widen access to the 360 platform for new audiences in Britain and Ireland, and further afield.

Phase 1 Safeguarding, launching in Spring 2022, is for Year 6 at primary, as well as Y7-9. Our priority now is to secure funding to extend Safeguarding resources to include early years, Key Stage 1 and all of Key Stage 2. In other words, watch this space!

We’re looking for funding to adapt our programme for a number of different Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). However, there is a lot that teachers can already do themselves to adapt the existing programme and differentiate.

Phase 1 on safeguarding, available from Spring 2022, is appropriate for 10-14 year olds. That’s Year 6 in England and Wales or Primary 7 in Northern Ireland and Scotland, to Year 9 in England and Wales, Year 10 in Northern Ireland and Secondary 3 in Scotland. (We don’t decide on the confusing differences in labelling!). We hope to extend provision to the whole primary age group very soon.

In addition to the Skill City VR, 360 provides schemes of work, lesson plans and extension activities, reading lists, and a database of trusted resources from other organisations. Member schools also have access to onboarding and training materials, plus ‘live’ support by phone, email or video call.

You will find a number of other organisations providing support in each area covered by the 360 programme. What’s unique is how 360 includes all these topics in an integrated virtual environment and teaching programme, with signposting to specialist partner programmes for extension and follow-up. We’re not competing – we’re putting learning in context to maximise impact.

We’re different because we: –

  1. Adopt an interactive approach to learning that focuses on risk awarenessconfidence-building and good decision-making. We call this Discuss, Decide and Do
  2. Ensure powerful repetition of skills across different scenarios and themes within a unified platform
  3. Use blended learning to integrate online virtual reality, in-school classroom activity and outdoor learning​
  4. Leverage expertise and engagement from police, local authorities, NHS and other partners, maximising impact in a unified framework​

360 is building partnerships with organisations specialising in each topic area, to integrate key messaging, work together on development, develop joint funding proposals and to see 360 as a way of furthering shared objectives. We believe cooperation is more powerful than competition.

Safeguarding topics in this first phase include physical and mental health, friendship, keeping safe and managing risk, families and close relationships, media literacy and digital resilience, drugs, alcohol and tobacco, healthy lifestyles, social influences, self-concept and bullying, abuse and discrimination. It is up to the teacher to select ones they think are suitable for their class. There are separate age appropriate resources for KS2 and KS3.

When logged in you will have access to detailed Schemes of Work for both Key Stages.

360 can be used flexibly with whole classes, smaller groups and 1:1 – or even in assemblies! Bear in mind though that it’s designed to be led by teachers rather than independently by your students.

Phase 1 covers Safeguarding. For future phases, we will consider inclusion of any topic which we think ensures young people are prepared for life, not just exams. For the full list, take a look at Our Plan. If you think we have missed something, let us know.

In our first phase, covering Safeguarding for 10 – 14s, you will be able to access:-

  • The virtual reality Skill City, designed for whiteboards, laptops and tablets  
  • Six interactive scenarios for each year group (a total of eighteen) set in a park, alleyway, bedroom, kitchen-diner, outside the school and skate park. All are available to teachers, but you will be able to decide which ones you would like to use with your individual class or group, depending on content. Scenarios are based on PSHE learning outcomes
  • Accompanying lesson plans and 360 teaching resources  
  • A growing database of resources from other partners
  • Briefing and drop-in support sessions for teaching staff as well as support by email/ phone/ video call

Should any new phases come on stream during your membership, you will be able to access these with no additional charge.

Our pilot was launched for 247 schools across south west England and Northern Ireland in Spring 2022. This provides access to virtual reality scenarios plus lesson plans and resources to help teachers raise safeguarding awareness in the classroom. Our partners ImpactEd are delivering a full academic evaluation with an interim report in Autumn 2022, and a full report in early 2023.

Subject to further funding, Phase 2 will extend safeguarding resources down to primary and early years. Subsequent phases will cover personal and community safety, active, independent and safer travel (including road safety), the climate emergency, mental wellbeing and much more. You can find out more about Our Plan here.

Alongside this, we are working with partners to roll out membership to schools across the UK. We are building partnerships to provide funding for membership where we can, but MultiAcademy Trusts (MATs, England) or other school networks can fund this themselves too. Member schools will be able to access all content regardless of how it is initially funded. Find out more and sign up your school here.

  • Enthusiasm for the programme and what it can achieve  
  • A named contact and school advocate  
  • Deliver a minimum of six lessons over the school year (but with much more possible)
  • A willingness to give online feedback on the content and usability of the programme

Once you have selected the age range, topic and mission you will be ‘dropped’ into Skill City.  A ‘Game Paused’ tab will appear showing WASD keys (to move); a mouse icon (for looking around) and the M key (for the menu).  Pressing START at this stage will allow you to look around Skill City in ‘sandbox’ mode.  If you want to start a mission you need to press ‘M’ on your keyboard for the MENU.

Our first module – on safeguarding – has been designed and written by experienced teachers in the 360 team. There has been input and advice from a wide range of others including Northern Ireland and Dorset Police forces, the NHS, The Safeguarding Company (My Concern), third sector specialists, local authority and school safeguarding leads.

NHS England and Talbot Village Trust have provided capital investment into the base virtual reality build and safeguarding scenarios for Phase 1, and Valentine Trust have supported core costs.

NHS Dorset, Devon County Council, and Police Service Northern Ireland have invested in a number of additional school memberships for the pilot phase. and IT Support 365 continue to provide some support on a pro-bono basis in addition to paid work on virtual reality and IT systems. We are working closely with ImpactEd on our full academic evaluation and theory of change.

We are grateful for the support of a number of other partners for advice, and support with school promotion. For full details on partnership and its benefits, click here.

A number of exciting new partnerships are in the pipeline for 2022. Join us!

Supporting the 360 roll out can be a cost-effective way for organisations to scale up their engagement and cut through with target audiences, interactively and at scale, to positively influence behaviours. For a full list of benefits, take a look at our Partners page.

See our Teacher page for a full list of benefits. 360 is an innovative and exciting approach to leading PSHE sessions in school, which will engage, enthuse and inform the young people in your class – and help you meet curriculum, inspection and KCSiE objectives. You will also find it fun to teach.

Updates and additional teaching materials and support will be provided regularly throughout the year. Member schools will also have access to any new modules that are developed at no additional charge than the standard membership contribution. See our About page for details of our future development plans.

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