The Plan

We founded the 360 Skills For Life social enterprise to ensure every young person is prepared for life, not just exams. We will build on our collective experience of skills for life education, and the the support of our partners, with ambitious plans to expand our provision for young people.

What topics could 360 deliver, with your support?

Careers & Enterprise Education
Climate & Ecological Emergencies
Consequences of crime
Construction site & roadworks safety
Decision-making & risk
Digital wellbeing, safety & security
Drugs, alcohol & tobacco
Financial capability (personal finance and budgeting)
Fire safety
Health pathways & dealing with emergencies
Healthier lifestyle choices
Home & garden safety
In-car safety
Independent travel skills (route planning, pedestrian, cycle, public transport)
Mental wellbeing & personal resilience
Peer pressure
Rail safety
Relationships and sex education (RSE)
Road safety
Rural safety & behaviours
Safeguarding, abuse & exploitation
Utilities safety & resilience (electrical, gas, water)
Violence reduction
Water safety

Planned modules

  • Safeguarding (10-14), base layout of Skill City, website, school dashboard and resources
  • Safeguarding (4-10 year olds)
  • Active/Independent Travel (7-11 year olds focus first)
  • Climate and Ecological Emergencies (all ages)
  • Safety (home, water, fire, in-car, online etc 4-14)
  • Home Leavers (independent living for 14-22)
  • Parenting (pre-birth and early years)
  • Careers and Enterprise (7-16)

Scaling up

In addition to new topics and age groups, our ambition is to scale up in the following ways:

  • Establish a regional network of 360 co-ordinators to support member schools and build local partnerships
  • Develop our third ‘outdoor’ strand for all topic areas, with local and national partners
  • Develop visits to school by partner agencies as an integrated part of the programme
  • Grow the number of schools using the platform in all areas of the UK. Membership is either funded by the school or school group/MAT themselves, or with partner funding
  • Build our resource database to simplify the extension of learning across the curriculum for teachers

What they say...

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