Our purpose

We provide scenario-based educational experiences that equip learners with the skills, knowledge and confidence to live active, fulfilling and safer lives in stronger and more sustainable communities.

Our values

Find out about our core values and and how they affect our mission and the way we work.

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Our approach

Presenting learners with dilemmas through which they discuss, decide, do and deliberate on consequences.

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Our team

Meet the directors, advisors, stakeholders and users who all share a passion to bring 360 to life.

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  • We listen in order to continually learn and improve
  • We connect and collaborate because partnerships achieve more for less
  • We put the learner and their needs first
  • We empower and challenge rather than instruct
  • We engage and involve learners in our development
  • We adapt and are flexible when encountering new situations and knowledge
  • We include all learners regardless of age, disability, gender, relationship or parental status, race, belief, sex or sexual orientation
  • We seek the best in everyone to realise individual and collective potential

Our values

Our approach

  • Holistic, cross-curricular education that delivers transferable skills for 21st century life
  • Immersive, practical and interactive learning in which users discuss, make decisions and then do, rather than simply learning facts
  • Awareness of surroundings to make good risk assessments, confidently make better decisions and deal with individual and collective challenges
  • Blended learning where online, in-school and outdoor strands are closely integrated
  • Provision of a realistic dilemma-based virtual Skill City as the core resource
  • Partnership with other organisations to maximise impact and value

Our Plan

Our Plan

We’ve only just begun! Find out more about our future plans.


Our Team

Our Team

Our team has a wide range of experience in education, business and the public sector.

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A unique learning programme

Experience Skill City, our interactive VR environment, and help your young people to navigate a range of real-life dilemmas. Through discussion, decision-making and reflection, help them to develop better risk awareness, preparing them for life, not just exams.

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