Prepared for life, not just exams

Welcome to 360. We're a dynamic social enterprise developing essential skills for life in young people through an interactive learning approach we call discuss, decide and do. Working closely with partners in the public, private and third sectors, we deliver three integrated curriculum strands of online, in school and outdoors.

360 Online


A 360 virtual reality Skill City where learners are presented with dilemmas in which they discuss, decide and do, and then deliberate on consequences and choices made.

360 In-school

In school

Support for teachers to embed skills for life learning across the curriculum and in every year group, including managed visits to school by relevant professionals.

360 Outdoors


Support for use of the environment local to the school for extended and practical ‘Learning Outside the Classroom’ in the real world.

A unique learning programme

Experience Skill City, our interactive VR environment, and help your young people to navigate a range of real-life dilemmas. Through discussion, decision-making and reflection, help them to develop better risk awareness, preparing them for life, not just exams.

Thanks to our funding and help-in-kind partners for their support

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